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Is it possible to backpack in Madagascar?

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Currently, the most common way of travelling in Madagascar is by booking a trip through a travel agency. For a (quite expensive) fee, they organise everything for you (transport, accommodation, tour guides, translator, etc.) and take you to several points of interest in a particular region of the island. The itinerary is fixed, and almost always includes a combination of guided tours, and visits to national parks and other common tourist destinations. These tours are great for people who want a stress free holiday, where you see some spectacular sights, and don’t mind being told what to do and being transported around the island in a bit of a tourist bubble.

For those looking for a bit more adventure, backpacking is definitely a more exciting option.

With some planning, a willingness to be pushed a little out of your comfort zone, and (crucially) some local knowledge (which we provide in this blog), backpacking in Madagascar is possible. And we believe much more rewarding than the usual template package tour as it will allow you to do/see amazing things off of the tourist trail. You will experience Madagascar in a depth that is not possible on the usual pre arranged tour and will have the most genuine interactions with local people.

You will need some time to plan your trip, because you will need to plan everything offered by the travel agency by yourself, and many of these things are not obvious in Madagascar, for example

  • How to get around the country, from one place to another?

  • Where is it safe to go?

  • How to overcome the language barrier?

  • Where/ what to eat/ what to not eat?

  • What to do/see there, apart from the usual tourist attractions?

  • What about the plague outbreak? (This is no joke).

  • Etc...

We will develop each of these points in our next posts.

So, it is possible to backpack in Madagascar!

You will need a lot of planning, and you might need to plan to stay longer, but it is definitely possible, and you will be rewarded for your efforts with a truly unique adventure.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or any post suggestion.

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