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I am from Madagascar (by Tsiky)

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

I have lived in different places and travelled all over the world in the last 10 years, but every time I say I am from Madagascar, the reaction is always interesting (especially from non-African and non-french speaking people).

Some people know Madagascar from the movie, because they mention it as soon as I say I am from Madagascar, like: “Oh! The movie”. Some people even went: “I didn’t know it is a real country”.

I also met several friends that told me they didn’t know that there were people there :D just wild animals and rain forest, and they were so surprised when I said there are more than 20 million of us (tadaaa!).

Oh by the way, people from Madagascar are called Malagasy, NOT Madagascarian.

Malagasy children :)

Anyways, yes, there are more than 20 million of us! We are nice people in general, apart from the fact that our country got poorer and poorer after the French colonisation (not fun). The poverty made some parts of Madagascar not so safe, mainly the capital, (less than 2 million people). So most of us are spread around the island.

So I said we are nice, yes! Most of us live in the countryside where there is no electricity, I used to live in the countryside and I love my village, life there is moving slower, everything is different from outside. For example, there is no supermarket, just a weekly market where people from surrounding villages come (by walking, sometimes for 3-5 hours) to buy sugar, salt and oil. People in the countryside do not have TV, some have never been in a car. People make their living by growing rice (everyone!), and maybe have some cows, several chickens for eggs and soup :D. I can talk about life in my village for hours because I just love it there. So when I go back now I feel like I live in 2 different worlds which is pretty cool!

There are18 tribes in Madagascar, which are different in look but also in culture, and all have different traditions so it is quite difficult for people from different tribes even to marry each other, but it is all very interesting :)

Typical morning and typical house in my home town (South Central Madagascar)

We have amazing nature in Madagascar (AMAZING). The island is big and the landscape changes quickly all around it.

Ladies going to the market. There is no bridge so the fishermen ferry people across.

What else? We speak our own language, it is called Malagasy (a language belonging to the Austronesian group of languages), and we are the only ones in the world speaking it. It doesn’t sound like anything else, but people told me it sounds cute :).

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